Is anyone surprised by this?

You Are Pause
Compared to most people, you are reflective and thoughtful.
You're always willing to take a break and digest everything that's happened.

You are patient with life. You are happy to sit back and let things unfold.
You're not in a hurry. You're content to take things at someone else's pace.

I guess the grog explains the bumbling...

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Brain takes a holiday

I leave the house this morning
- I leave the phone at home

I come back at lunch to retrieve the phone
- I discover I left the front door unlocked

I put some lunch in the microwave
- I retrieve my phone
- When I leave, I make sure I lock the front door

I arrive at work
- When I get to my desk, I realize I left the phone in the car

I go to retrieve the phone from the car
- I realize I did not take the house keys with me when I left home

I arrive back home nowish (Fortunately, I have a spare key stashed)
- I find lunch has been sitting in the microwave waiting for me for nearly 14 hours

You know, I *was* feeling a bit peckish this evening.
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not nearly as gross as the first sentence implies...

So, one of my beard hairs got ingrown....

Not a big deal. It happens frequently. The major reason I don't shave down to the skin.

What was interesting is that it happened to land right on top of one of those facial nerves the dentist has to block with Novocaine and had the same effect. So a good chunk of my jaw and cheek were numb yesterday and I kept expecting a bright light and drilling sound.

Ah, Orygun...

I drove the northwestern and western periphery of Oregon (from Portland to Astoria to Brookings) yesterday.

Some of the waypoints included:

Names that, aside from the place of good dairy, might cause a non-native some pause.

The familiarity was nice. It reminded me I came from somewhere once.