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10/10/08 08:44 am - Sad...

Mother's Cookies closes after 92 years of business in Oakland

8/30/08 12:48 am - Friday night (wonky) gold...

8/14/08 12:34 pm - Dalek - Mark I

8/8/08 04:16 pm - I'm quotable...

23andMe put up a couple quotes I made at their shindig a couple weeks back:


Look at the "Our customers are saying..." section down in the bottom right.

Neither one would win me much praise at a Toastmasters event, but it's still really cool that someone there thought that what I said had enough merit to transcribe.

7/27/08 02:44 am - Am I the last one to know...

That you can add &fmt=18 to the end of a youtube url and get much higher quality video?

7/27/08 12:47 am - Tonight's musical de-stressing moment...

7/25/08 01:43 pm - Events...

Louise Brown turns 30.

Randy Pausch has died.

7/19/08 02:50 am - Nostalgia Rock

Likely only interesting to Portland natives over 40, but this page tickled some long-dormant neurons.

6/13/08 01:32 pm - The silly season continues

Generate a Barack Obama Quote!

"These people haven't had truthiness for fifty years. So you can't be surprised if they get bitter and cling to their unicorn killing and their litterbugs and their faith in beings of pure and radiant light. That's what my campaign is about. Teaching all the little people in this country that they can have soul-crushing despair."
Generate your Barack Obama quote at Buttafly.com

6/8/08 11:37 am - Silly test season

Your Score: Harmless thinker

You scored 2 orthodoxy, 2 science, 1 fundamentalism, and 0 socialism!

The maximum for each variable is 5.

You are a weak (or an agnostic) atheist. That means that you are reasonable in your claims and don't use faith to believe in something, the way religious people do. You are probably very inquisitive and curious about the world around you. When someone tells you there is a God, you will ask for evidence first.

You like to find out new things about science and you know, as I do, that evolution is right, or that the Universe hasn't been made by an invisible man living in the sky who punishes you when you try to do your laundry on Sundays. But that doesn't seem to be enough for you: philosophy convinced you to reject God. You enjoyed thinking a lot about the things around you and about the purpose of life and you understood pretty quickly that people who claim that God exists worship a logically inconsistent being. No one, even if he's a god, can be all powerful, almighty, all knowing and all loving at the same time. That was actually the last piece in the puzzle. Your view of the world is complete.

Let's look at your social nature now: you seem to be gentle and tolerant towards other people's view of the world. You accept or you don't care about what others think, even if it's religion: you leave them have it their way and you don't despise them for that. "They may remain in delusion, if that's what they like", you might say. "Who am I, some god, to judge them?"

When it comes to politics, I must congratulate you: you got it right. You don't give a f*** about the communist propaganda and you know as well as I do that capitalism is the way. Capitalism means progress and wealth, through initiative, ideas and free trade. Very stupid people often mistake atheists for communists: the two of us are the proof that they're wrong.

Good luck in your free life!

Link: The What Sort of Atheist Are You Test written by MHortulanus on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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