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and the bullets whiz by...

10 co-workers got riffed at my site today. A couple of them excellent, a couple of them good, almost all of them at least really nice folks.
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Don't really do guilt. Certainly not about things like this.

There's the empathy of seeing people I've worked with for years having their lives tossed upside down. Having been on the other side of a RIF once, it's not fun. Even if you land immediately back on your feet (which I did), it changes how you feel about yourself, your security, your coworkers, etc.

And then there's just the loss of talented and friendly coworkers who made it a better place to be. Work is going to be a bit harder, less pleasant, and the quality of the product is going to suffer.

With that said, if given an edict of "lop off 10 heads", a good fraction of my list would probably have overlapped. We're a small office; it's not like we had a lot of fat to trim.